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Strawberry Jam Lip Scrub

Strawberry Jam Lip Scrub

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Treat your lips with our Strawberry Jam Lip Scrub! Our edible lip scrub is both strawberry-flavored and scented, and has a soft, fluffy, and airy texture to it. It's so delicious that you'll literally want a bite of it! Not only does our lip scrub taste and smell scrumptious, it's specially hand formulated to exfoliate and remove dead skin cells, leaving your lips soft, smooth, and perfectly prepped for your favorite lip products (like our Milk & Cereal Lip Glosses 😉). Our lip scrub comes in a 50ml jar and is cruelty-free, alcohol-free, dairy-free, GMO-free, nut-free, halal-friendly, kosher, and vegan.

Enjoy a discount when you bundle with our Milk & Jam Lip Duo!

How To Use

Our rich, creamy lip scrubs are formulated to give you soft, smooth, kissable lips. For best results:

1. Take a pea-sized amount of the lip scrub on your fingertip or a lip brush. Gently apply it to your lips, and scrub in circular motions with light pressure.
2. Continue massaging the scrub into your lips for 1-2 minutes. The exfoliation helps remove dead skin cells and promotes smoother lips.
3. After exfoliating, rinse your lips with lukewarm water to remove the scrub (or just lick it off)! Pat your lips dry with a soft towel.
4. Use the lip scrub 2-3 times a week to maintain soft and smooth lips!


Our lip scrub formula is created from top-tier, super-lip safe ingredients (safe enough to even eat)!

1. Sugar - allows for gentle exfoliation.
2. 100% Pure Sunflower Oil - rich in nutrients, provides hydration and nourishment.
3. Stearic Acid - a naturally-occurring saturated fatty acid; used as an emulsifier and emollient to create smooth texture of the lip scrub.
4. Shea Butter - powerful moisturizer for deep hydration.
5. Flavoring - strawberry scent and taste to enhance the lip-care experience!
6. Pigment - gives the the lip scrub a beautiful color.
7. Vitamin E - provides antioxidant benefits to promote overall lip health.

Shelf Life

Our lip scrub lasts up to two years!

Tips for longevity:
1. Ensure that the lip scrub container is tightly closed after each use. This helps prevent air and moisture from entering, which can compromise the product.
2. Keep water out of the lip scrub container to prevent potential contamination and maintain its quality over time.


Our lip scrubs are specifically formulated for lips. We advise against using this product on other body parts, as it may result in an oily or waxy residue.

These lip scrubs feature adorable strawberry decals designed for decorative purposes only; please refrain from swallowing them.

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