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Milk & Cereal Lip Glosses

Milk & Cereal Lip Glosses

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Our Milk & Cereal Lip Glosses will transport you back to your breakfast table! Each milk carton comes with a set of four handmade glosses—Cinna-Toast Crunch, Mallow Charms, Choco Puffs, & Frosted Froops—each designed to smell & taste just like  actual cereal 😋! Our special formula is made with all-natural ingredients so your lips stay moisturized and nourished for hours. Wanna know the best part? Our lip glosses are cruelty-free, alcohol-free, dairy-free, GMO-free, nut-free, halal-friendly, kosher, and vegan. Enjoy a discount when you bundle with our Milk & Jam Lip Duo!

Note: You can try out a sample before committing to the full purchase :)

How To Use

Here's a brief set of instructions for using our scrumptious lip glosses!

1. Prep your lips: Use our Strawberry Jam Lip Scrub to gently exfoliate your lips before applying our lip glosses to enhance the smoothness and longevity of your glossy look.
2. Apply the Lip Gloss: Using the applicator wand, apply the lip gloss to your lips; feel free to layer the lip gloss until you achieve your desired look.
3. Storage: Store your lip gloss in a cool, dry place and ensure the cap is securely closed to maintain its quality.


Our lip glosses are only made with the best and highest-quality, lip-safe ingredients:

1. Versagel - aka lip gloss base; allows for a luxurious and smooth texture.
2. Coconut Oil - a lightweight, natural moisturizer. Keeps lips hydrated and prevents dryness.
3. Hydrogenated Polyisobutene - provides a non-sticky texture and allows for a glossy appearance.
4. Vitamin E - provides antioxidant benefits to promote overall lip health.
5. Flavoring - adds scent and taste to enhance the lip-care experience!
6. Pigment - gives the the lip glosses their beautiful color.
7. Monk Fruit Sweetener - adds a sweet taste, without added calories, making the product enjoyable you lick your lips!

Shelf Life

Our lip glosses last up to two years!

Tips for longevity:
1. Ensure that the lip gloss tubes are tightly closed after each use. This helps prevent air and moisture from entering, which can compromise the product.
2. Keep water out of the lip scrub container to prevent potential contamination and maintain its quality over time.


Our lip glosses are formulated with carefully selected, safe ingredients. While our products are intended for external use on the lips, we do not recommend ingestion.

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