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Cookies & Cream Lash Essentials Kit

Cookies & Cream Lash Essentials Kit

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Satisfy your sweet tooth with our Cookies & Cream Lash Essentials Kit! Our lash kit comes with all the must-have tools you need for a perfect lash application: a lash applicator, lash scissors, premium lash glue, and a spoolie – all housed in delectable cookies and cream ice cream-themed packaging! Get the perfect lash look every single time. Enjoy a discount when you bundle with our Matcha & Cream Lash Duo!

How To Use

Our Lash Essentials Kit is the ONLY kit you'll need for a flawless lash application. Here's the recommended order for using each tool:

Step 1 - Lash Scissors
a. Place the false lash against your natural lash line and mark where excess length occurs.
b. Trim the Excess: Use the lash scissors to carefully trim the lash from the outer edge.
c. Trim the other lash to match, ensuring a balanced appearance.

Step 2 - Lash Glue
a. Apply an thin, even layer of lash glue onto the lash band. (Use our lashes for a gorgeous look)!
b. Allow the glue to become tacky for about 20-30 seconds before applying our lashes.

Step 3 - Lash Applicator
a. Gently grab the lash with the applicator, making sure it doesn't touch the tacky glue.
b. Align the lash with your natural lash line and gently press the applicator down, securing the false lash in place.

Step 4 - Lash spoolie
a. After applying our lashes, use the spoolie to gently blend them with your natural lashes!



Shelf Life

Lash Scissors: can last up to several years, with proper care. Tip for longevity: Avoid using the scissors for purposes other than trimming lashes to maintain sharpness.

Lash Glue: Our lash glue has a shelf life for up to 8 months after opening. Tip for longevity: Close the glue cap tightly after each use to prevent air exposure.

Lash Applicator: can last up to several years, with proper care. Tip for longevity: Avoid applying excessive force during use to prevent bending or breakage.

Lash Spoolie: can last anywhere from a few months to a year or more, depending on how often it's used and how well it's maintained. Tips for longevity: Use the spoolie genty to avoid unnecessary wear and tear. Clean the spoolie regularly with a mild soap to remove makeup and bacteria.



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